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Before reading further, be sure you have a deep understanding of the EQUISISOS Theory.

There is an unseen place in the Cosmos which is a repository for all collective knowledge pertaining to everything in the Universe. This is the place where many with genius minds intuitively visit to gain special knowledge pertaining to their particular realm of inquisitiveness. This storehouse of information is no secret to Creative Individuals, such as Holistic Healers, Writers, Authors, Composers, Artists, Inventors, Researchers, Philosophers, Theologians, and etcetera. Funny thing, though . . . it seems as if nobody ever talks about using this Warehouse of Data.


This is probably because people who use the Data Depot simply take it for granted and don’t pay much attention to it at all. It is so natural for highly intelligent people to access the Knowledge Bank that they never stop to think about - or analyze - the mechanisms they use to tap into it. Many of those who are intellectually endowed may even be completely unaware that they are doing something remarkable or unusual.


O.K. Now you know that there is a ‘secret’ place crammed full of knowledge; which really isn’t a secret, after all. Just because lots of Brainy Butts routinely frequent the Den of Documentation does NOT mean that it is an Elite Clubhouse, reserved exclusively for them. The truth is, practically anyone of moderate intelligence can go there and partake of any tidbit that is within their domain of comprehension.


Nevertheless, there are some criteria regarding non-intuitive navigation to the land of Never-ending Knowledge. In order to qualify to enter the Portal to Discovery, you must have an unwavering desire and resolve to do ‘whatever is necessary’ to receive that special gift. You must put aside some of the nonsensical ‘mind wasters’ that are currently a plague to society and which hinder intellectual development. This includes video games, texting, and things of a like nature. You must strive to discover, develop and expand the Higher Faculties of Your Mind.



Successfully accomplishing this quest requires a home apprenticeship which conditions your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions for the incredible experiences awaiting you. If not already doing so, start by using Embracing Abundance and Cosmic Expansion, the BRAIN ENRICHMENT SYSTEM ((BES), Cosmic Expansion  Self-Healing Meditative Exercise (CEME), Quartz Crystal Cluster Nugget (QUCCN) healing, Objective Meditation and Subjective Meditation. NOTE: BES Book One is included with the purchase of Embracing Abundance and Cosmic Expansion.  A six month course of the BES (Books One through Four), is/are included with the purchase of CEME.


Using ALL these modalities persistently and consistently for at least six months is a prerequisite. This will begin the Internal Transformational Process necessary which prepares YOUR mind to travel to amazing places; including the Repository for Recollection of all Memories in the Cosmos. These astonishing journeys of the mind are called psychonavigation.


Author, John Perkins advocates using a form of psychonavigation to connect with intermediaries who offer their technical assistance and support. If you want to try his methods, go ahead. I’ll even supply a link. To me, though, it is easier and more productive to sidestep all circuitous pathways, and get direct access to the Master Database through the Front Door.




Satisfactorily mastering the above-mentioned prerequisites (minimum six months home apprenticeship) will qualify you to receive further free instruction in Basic Cosmic Centered Meditation. Contact Us when you feel you are ready.


If you enroll in a Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health seminar to become either a Lay (unpaid) or Professional Holistic Healer; Advanced Cosmic Centered Psychonavigation training is included.