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The BRAIN ENRICHMENT SYSTEM is a unique and humorous mode of systematically reinforced learning which helps you to:

  • Develop the Higher Faculties of Your Mind.

  • Increase Your Mental Powers.

  • Enhance your English Language Skills.

  • Accelerate Your Comprehension.

  • Develop Independent Thinking.

  • Achieve Empowered Conclusions, Judgments, and Insights.

  • Connect Your Mind with the Greatest Powers of All Creation.

  • Create New Points of View and a New Way of Perceiving Your Universe.


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Energy Transmutation

The first Law of the Conservation of energy: ENERGY IS.
The second Law of the Conservation of Energy: ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED.








By means of physical, chemical, thermo-neucular, transmutational, quantum mechanical, or other processes, energy can be transformed from one state to another.


For example, two different types of  energy in their material form - Oxygen and hydrogen- when exposed to violent, intense heat (explosion) - unite to form water. Water, a form of matter, can progressively change from one physical state to another - solid to liquid to  vapor (or vice-versa) by changing the ambient temperature. It can also change from its solid form directly to vapor (or vice versa) through the process of sublimation;  thus completely by-passing the liquid sate, entirely.


The following is a very smplifiied explanaton of tramsmutation,

Transmutation, among other things, is a miraculous process which some Holistic Healers use to manipulate (direct and control) "free energy" in their environment to remove impurities from animate and inanimate objects.

Examples of this are:

Purifying Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets (QUCCNs) so that their natural tendency to emit "healing energy" is unimpeded by environmental toxins.


Removing impurities and toxins from humans, animals, plants, and the environment.


Opening blocked pathways in humans, animals, and plants - thus enabling "healing energy" to move freely in, through, and around these living organisms - promoting better health.





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