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Stress is the Number One contributing factor leading to dis-ease, disorders, and debility in all industrialized nations. Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (SETHH) offers a number of modalities which may help you to reduce stress in your life. These Relaxation Techniques are FREE. Start using them TODAY.


Relaxation Techniques are straight forward and easy to understand. The basic principle simply involves concentrating your attention on something which calms you, personally, yet allows you to become increasingly aware of your body. All relaxation techniques are equally effective. Choose the one(s) which you feel is/are ‘natural’ and appropriate for you. The most important thing is for you to practice relaxation regularly (persistently and consistently) to fully enjoy their full benefits.


The environment in which you perform Relaxation Techniques should be as tranquil and as free from distractions and interruptions as possible. Conversations, loud noises, doorbells, phones, device notifications, radio, TV, and etcetera.


Use one or more of these techniques to prepare for meditation, or to simply relax, wear loose fitting clothing and sit comfortably with your body in good alignment. This can be on the ground or floor with legs folded, in full or semi-lotus position, or simply in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Place hands in lap or on thighs with palms facing up and fingers loosely separated. Do not be tempted to touch thumbs to any of the fingers or fingertips, since this restricts, shunts, or blocks the free flow of energy through your body. CETHH recommends breathing in and out through your nose, as slowly as possible, at all times – no matter what you are doing. CETHH also recommends starting all Meditations, Self-Healing Exercises, Relaxation Techniques, and etcetera, with the EQUISISOS CONNECTION, which is featured in the Cosmic Expansion Self-Healing Meditative Exercise (CEME) module.




If you intend to fall asleep, lie down or repose with your head, torso, arms, and legs in a comfortable position.




Imagery and Awareness.

This relaxation technique utilizes things which you originate within yourself. Pictures 'materialize' in your mind when you combine thought-induced visual images with keen awareness of your body. This not only produces relaxation and stress reduction, but also helps you to develop some of the Higher Faculties of Your Mind.


Imagine being in a safe, peaceful place which you would enjoy. E.g., relaxing by the seashore; on the bank of a slowly flowing stream; in a field of tall grass rippling with a gentle breeze, etc. Slowly repeat simple words, phrases, or suggestions in your mind that may help you relax and reduce muscle tension.


Gently close your eyes. Place the tip of your tongue loosely against the roof of your mouth. Breathe as slowly as you can; pausing for several seconds between each inhalation and exhalation. With each cycle of breathing in and out, think the word (‘relax’) and allow your body to relax more and more deeply. You may substitute the word, phrase, - or suggestion of your choice such as lowering or raising blood pressure, slowing pulse rate, optimizing blood sugar level, diminishing discomfort, etc.


You may also consider using some of the healthful visualizations which are found in the Cosmic Expansion Self-Healing Meditative Exercise (CEME) manual.


Muscle Relaxation.

While inhaling, slowly tense one of the muscle groups. Hold your breath for as long as you can, then slowly relax those muscles while you exhale. Visualize muscles becoming very limp (discomfort or other physical sensations, jumping leg activity, etc., diminishing) when exhaling.


Begin by tightening and relaxing the muscles in your toes and progressively work your way up to your neck and head. If you prefer, you can begin from your head and neck and work down to your toes. In the beginning, this sequence may need to be repeated (sometimes more than once) to bring about the desired result.


Visual Imagination.

Form relaxing images in your thoughts. Take a ‘virtual’, visual journey to a tranquil, restful setting or situation.


Include as many physical senses as you can: Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell and Touch. Higher Faculties of Your Mind, such as Imagination, Intuition, and Clairvoyance may be incorporated, as well. E.g. If you imagine relaxing beside a peaceful meadow, think about the smell of freshly mown hay; feeling the breeze teasing your skin and hair; the warmth of the sun on your body; the sight of scattered fluffy white clouds of sheep ambling along a wide, blue byway; and the sound of fairies rustling leaves as they tiptoe through the trees.


Gently close your eyes, in your quiet spot, and concentrate on breathing slowly, deeply, and evenly in and out through your nose. Focus on your special panorama and think pleasing thoughts.


Other relaxation modalities include:

Cosmic Expansion Self-Healing Exercise; Quartz Crystal Cluster Nugget Therapy; Therapeutic Meditation; Music and Art Therapy; Deep Breathing; Massage; Biofeedback; Aromatherapy; Hydrotherapy; and etcetera.


To magnify the benefits of Relaxation Modalities and Techniques, use them in conjunction with other productive coping skills, such as thinking positively, laughter, problem-solving, time management, and reaching out to friends, family members and support groups.


Take Time to Practice Relaxation Techniques.

As you become more skillful using relaxation techniques, you become more aware of sensations in your mind, body, and spirit. You are apt to realize when you are experiencing the earlier stages of tenseness and stress. The sooner you do something about it, the easier it is to control or cope with the situation. As soon as you feel the symptoms of stress emerging, you can put Relaxation Techniques into service. This can happen at any time and in practically every situation. Proactively curbing stress in its early stages can prevent it from escalating out of proportion and becoming more difficult to control.


When you practice Relaxation Techniques consistently and persistently, you will become more proficient and skillful in its use. “The ability to do comes in the doing.” “Practice makes perfect”. ”Patience is a virtue.” In other words, just do it! The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Chill! Don’t get stressed out in the process of trying to reduce stress.


Although this rarely happens, if you experience feelings of emotional discomfort while using relaxation techniques, consult with your Holistic Healer or medical provider.

Try more than one Relaxation Technique. There are situations when one method might work better than another. Remember, combining healthful modalities tends to magnify your success.


Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health offers a variety of proven methods and modalities for healing your Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, and Pocketbook. 




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