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Achieving an altered state of awareness through THERAPEUTIC SUBJECTIVE MEDITATION (TSM) is a ‘Super Food’ which enhances the effectiveness of the intelligence (mind), the body, and the spirit.


By connecting your mind, body, and spirit, and emotions with the greatest powers of all creation through Subjective Meditation, you generate entirely new points of view and a whole new way of perceiving the wonders of your expanding universe.

The environment in which one meditates should be as tranquil and as free from distractions and interruptions as possible. Conversations, loud noises, doorbells, phones, device notifications, radio, TV, and etcetera.


Wear loose fitting clothing. Sit comfortably, with your body in good alignment. This can be on the ground or floor with legs folded, in full or semi-lotus position, or simply in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Place hands in lap or on thighs with palms facing up and fingers loosely separated. Do not be tempted to touch thumbs to any of the fingers or fingertips as this restricts, shunts, or blocks the free flow of energy through your body. CETHH also recommends breathing in and out through your nose, as slowly as possible, at all times – no matter what you are doing.


Gently close your eyes. Place the tip of your tongue loosely against the roof of your mouth. Breathe as slowly as you can; pausing for several seconds between each inhalation and exhalation. With each cycle of breathing in and out, think the word ‘relax’ and allow your body to relax more and more deeply.


When you reach a level when you are feeling very relaxed, yet mentally alert (alpha state), this is a good time to enter into Subjective Meditation.



THERAPEUTIC SUBJECTIVE MEDITATION involves selecting a topic, of which you have a keen desire to learn more. Immerse yourself into it until you reach the level of understanding which satisfies your curiosity. You may reach your objective in a single session – or it may take place through several sessions spread out over a number of days, weeks, months or years – depending on its complexity and your thirst for knowledge of the subject in question.


This modality may also be used to enhance the learning process while you are in school, college, vocational training, job related studies, and etcetera.


Since Subjective Meditation associates itself with ‘learning’, you must avail yourself of materials from which you expect to extract the knowledge you seek; e.g. textbooks, dictionary, encyclopedias, journals, publications, discourses, informative videos and/or audio sources, scientific data, library, the internet, and etcetera. You may also wish to consider having some means readily available for taking notes, recording your thoughts, feelings, impressions, insights, and conclusions; e.g. pen/pencil, paper, notebook, binder, voice recorder, or computer text editor.


Begin with the informative source of your choice - or randomly select one from which to start. You may use meditation music containing certain frequencies, to help you relax and reach the Alpha State.




Commence your study sessions by skimming over a portion of your material to get an overview of initial concepts. Then go back at a slower rate to gain a greater depth of discernment and further understanding. Repetition may be required to better grasp the subtleties, refinements, intricacies, and nuances which lead to your ultimate comprehension.


Of course, it  may take practice to actually perform  (TSM) well. However, when you use it persistently and consistently, TSM may become an indispensable aid and adjunct for more efficient and effective studying.


The more you learn about your subject, the greater your powers and ability to learn will become. The more you concentrate, the deeper your power of concentration will be. The same can be said of each of the Higher Faculties of Your Mind.


Over a period of time you may come to realize what a profound role Therapeutic Subjective Meditation plays in the process of your personal, perpetual, and progressive growth and eternal transformation.





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